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 My first two books are  very different from one another, but are similar in that both combine two traditional  genres. The first , Who Killed Buffalo, is a  nonfiction novel, one of my favorite types of books to read and now write.  It combines a real life crime with a fictionalized narrative, which makes for, I hope you will find, a good story.  Historical fiction is another name for this style. The second book tells my life storyd through my food experiences  and includes a selection of recipes, making it a cookbook and memoir.

Who Killed Buffalo:
Searching for the Murderous Pied Piper

​In the summer of 1961 when I was nine years, old a young boy's body was found In Buffalo's beautiful Delaware Park lake. The event so affected me that a half century later I was moved to research and write about the incident. Knowing that my memory could have faded and been distorted, I wanted to know what actually happened, especially to the person responsible for the boy's death. Here is my fictionalized account of what my research turned up.

My Life in Recipes:
A Memoir of all Things Food

From white sauce that tastes like schoolroom paste to the best coconut cake ever, My Life in Recipes chronicles my culinary experiences as  I become a mostly ordinary but sometimes great cook. Food is the main topic, but the people and events behind the recipes are the real ingredients of my story.  Along with the stories and portrayals of the at times eccentric contributors to my culinary development, you will find here a variety of recipes from different time periods, including a mid-nineteenth century recipe for beef suet pie crust and my own trendy smoothie creation using coconut milk, matcha tea and chia seeds.

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